Layman’s Nave

     The Cathedral is glory pine bowered with staves of naked bark. The sheltered corridor lies soft underfoot flowing away into the parish press banked by early sharp ferns and moss covered logs. The beating heart warms the air calling restless spirits. The forgotten lives awakened are gargoyles that rise up to the belfried heights and sound the boughs like ancient bells in groans and creaks and snaps of supplication. That hymn of lamentation sinks only to the earth drowning in the embrace of the captured sky muted and choking on the mirrored pool shallows of mud and rotten leaves. The bowls of careless hollows house quiet buds that break the earth and strain towards the sun.






12 thoughts on “Layman’s Nave

  1. Hey you found heaven !!! This is awesome . I love the photo work ! Were you mud from head to toe returning home ? Isn\’t this a magical time of year ? I would have attempted to drag that wood home you know ? Your fat dog looks content strolling through a hardwood swamp .


  2. @Toad
    It wasn\’t too bad. We had to skirt some pretty mushy spots. Kera was quite muddy by the time we were ready to go home. She had found a dead raccoon to roll in but it had been dead for a while so she didn\’t smell any worse that any other wet dog. That\’s always a bonus!
    Fine Cheryl it is not 80 degrees here like it is as some else\’s house!… LOL… but we do the best we can. I hope you enjoyed your bonfire and shrimp boil. =P 


  3. Morning, Lorna! Thank you for the compliment on my entry into the poetic world. Coming from someone who scribes so eloquently, it means a lot.
    Take care, and enjoy the weather!


  4. I LOVE the reflected trees picture – I think Spring is cold and muddy just so we must tear ourselves away to go inside and warm up.  Oterwise, we\’d grow roots standing in one place and looking at the beauty.  No one would ever go to work again – happy thought! 


    You wrote this for your churchy lay friend, didn\’t you? (I just thought of something: Lay Kay! LAY KAY! Ahhhhahahahahahahahahahahaha!)
    Your writing and pictures are beautiful, as always, but I still wish spring would hurry up and grow up to be summer. I hate the mud and icky, painful, adolescence of the new growth.
    Bring on summer! (It\’s almost 70 here today, which is almost as warm as I like it…)


  6. (whistle) These sure are some freeaky good pictures here.  YOu can write, you can be a photographer, what else can you do?
    And from my site, my mom and I havea cnodition called Geographic Tongue, so whenever we have acidic stuff, it burns our tongue. So Dill Pickle Chips just kill our tongues, but they are good enough to have anyway.


  7. @Wizz
    You are kind but as I can\’t stress enough…I just take the pictures. I\’m not really responsible for the beauty within.
    Thanks for stopping by Pappy. I\’ll do my best to enjoy the weather and send the same wishes your way.
    Isn\’t that funny, that you would say that. My hands were so cold by the time we got back to the car that I could barely hold the camera. But it was lovely and as I warmed up on the way home I thought that I could have stayed forever if not for the cold. =D
    @Pomegranate Lay oops sorry I mean Kay ;P
    Awwww it was a happy coincidence but then again maybe we\’re sharing a brain…you never know. =)
    I had to look up geographic tongue because I\’d never heard of it before and it doesn\’t sound like much fun. You must be REALLY fond of Dill Pickle chips if you are willing to brave the pain to have them!


    Un petit bonjour en passant chez toi !et je te souhaite de Joyeuses fêtes de Pâquespour toi et pour ta famille.Cordialement


  9. @Patresa
    Her fur stay amazingly soft. I thought it would get wiry as she matured but it\’s still silky and smooth. You\’d have no problem running your hands through it as it spreads itself all through the main level of my house (she sheds all year long). I saw a documentary about a woman who makes mittens from dog hair and I\’m thinking of contacting her to take over her entire "yarn" supply requirements. 
    Joyeuses Pâques à toi aussi bien. Ne mangez pas trop!
    Soyez bien,


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