The Long and The Short of It


The long and the short of it, the small and the tall, there is miracle and beauty wherever the eye falls.


More grows in the garden than the gardener sows.

~Spanish proverb


11 thoughts on “The Long and The Short of It

  1. @Cheryl
    I love that view. =) It\’s right outside my back door. I don\’t think I\’ll ever get tired of it or of watching the lilac buds open or shoots breaking through the ground. It\’s all so completely absorbing and even magical in a way.


  2. "More grows in the garden than the gardener sows"…..could you explain that for me please, I mean the morale of it? It sounds quite deep, but I couldn\’t figure out the meaning.
    Well, as for Oprah\’s debt diet, at least it gives us something to hang on to. The bible doesn\’t make complete sense either, but we still have something to cling onto…. 😀
    Thanks for dropping by Lorna!


  3. How true!  Very true of people too.  It\’s amazing how many different depths there are to so many different people… the "under the surface" stuff that only peeks out once in a while.  I guess that\’s what makes us each so unique.


  4. I don\’t know why but all I could do was laugh . No offence but my poor brain went to default on this one . Way down in Whoville the small and the tall…
    sorry hahaha
    Ok I am better now and the pic is gorgeous . I have to start venturing further than my back yard.


  5. The first a flower?  Or some magical vegetable I\’ve yet to try?  I can\’t quite put my finger on what it is..


  6. @Chris
    Of course it\’s profound that\’s what makes it a proverb ;P
    You know we\’re just little cogs (I originally mistakenly wrote clogs which could be true as well…I\’m a clog in the universe-Someone get the Drano) a small part in a larger plan and though we think we have things quite under control (in our literal and figurative garden) there is so much more going on that we had not a thing to do with.
    Speaking from the perspective of a parent in the mix of things I\’m telling you that parenthood is like the buffet where all the diet resolutions go out the door. The only people I know at my age that have any discretionary money are people who don\’t have children, God bless em. LOL… I wouldn\’t change it though.
    That stuff under the surface can be a mixed bag I tell ya. It\’s great when you find out something wonderful about Jane or John Doe. It\’s not so nice when you scratch the surface and find out they\’ve got their very own Stephen King pet cemetery out behind the garage. ;P
    You are hilarious! I love that cartoon. Poor Horton. It\’s got that rhythm doesn\’t it? It needs a truly Seussical next line though…The flooters are flooting and the bloomlas are bloomling and the twizzadlers are twizzing all morning long.
    It\’s a lilac bud just broken open. There\’s a picture I took of an unopened one in the Spring Views photo album. It\’s pretty cool though. It does actually look like something you could eat. The yard is full of blossoms and buds opening. I could fill my site up with pictures everyday so I\’m trying to limit myself to once a week with the pictorials (I\’m sure that not everyone is as interested in my garden as I am). 


  7. Ahhhhh, it\’s gorgeous.  And I hear ya\’ about gardening photos – I could take them all day long (preferably instead of weeding) 😉
    The climate in the southern US is generally MUCH better than the north for growing plants I love, BUT, the one thing I miss about home is the smell of lilacs in the spring.


  8. Howdo Lorna, thanks as ever for the comments. Creepy haunted spaces… I knew the interweb was full of funny things but thats by far and away the strangest to happen to me! That and how penis enlargement companies get your email addy… Oh well. Are the photos on here your own work? Been meaning to ask you for a while now. Anyway, gotta go cos the cyprus sunshine beckons. Take care, Craig xx


  9. @Craig
    How lovely to see your presence "lurking" about
    I hope the Cyprus sunshine hasn\’t been too horrible for you ;P
    Seriously though I hope you\’re not working too hard.
    In regards to your question the pictures on my site are shot by myself unless otherwise stated. For the most part they\’re taken either in my garden, near by beaches, woodlots or orchards. My current profile picture was taken by a family member (I can\’t remember who though`:?)  in Algonquin Park.I\’m hoping to get a better camera in the next year so I can explore the whole digital genre more thoroughly.
    I recently received a Kodak Retina 1a which I\’m pretty excited about. Unfortunately I\’m not set up to go back to film as it\’s been years since I\’ve done any actual developing but who knows maybe it\’s something I can get back into some day.
    I also have been wondering about the penis enlargement people and the emails they\’ve been sending me. It\’s even more baffling for myself as a woman considering I don\’t even have a penis of my own that I\’d want to enlarge so it\’s quite creepy.
    Hope to see you home soon!
    Stay safe


  10. @Indigo
     The word w**ding or any variation of said verb or noun is not spoken out loud here so that we don\’t call out the devil with his own name…meditate on this chant mmmmmulch, muuuuuuuuulch


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