Garden Caste


3 thoughts on “Garden Caste

  1. This photo work is incredible ! I have always loved the deep greens you only get with new life . The absence of text is a quiet reminder that a picture is a thousand words.


  2. Beautiful…I would run out and compete with you but it is raining so the floor is all yours…Real nice flower pics…I am waiting for my macro lens to be rechipped and then I will shoot flowers again.


  3. @Toad
    I do think that that there are times when words only take away from it all. That shade of green is totally impossible to create, even the camera doesn\’t do it justice.
    Good luck with your lens. I always like to take pictures after the rain, everything is so open and green. I don\’t have a macro lens but I\’m using the manual setting on my A70 with an F8. and a variable shutter speed depending of course on the available light. I\’ve had some light issues since someone dropped the camera about a year ago. I have to move around quite a bit to get a clear image. I\’d really like to get something a little better but the wallet says that will have to wait. What can you do? lol 


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