Secret Garden

The bitter green, solitary shaded, brings a whisper of pathless glens home to golden manes, Kitten sleepy, content to loll under a gentle caress, lapping up the sun. The wet green depths house moss embraced granite and Soft peat weeps to drown the delicate step. Natal Wings, feathered fingers, unfurl to greet the dawn and the delicate blush of white is a mute trumpet hidden from the new sky.



15 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. Geez Lorna – are these plants and blooms in your yard? You must be one helluva gardner. I\’m going to take a pic this week of the extent of my \’gardening\’ abilities.


  2. This is amazing photography and although extremely tired I truly enjoyed the verse . I too like the kitten is nappy now…
    The reason Reaner does anything  is because she knows no fear . The only force she knows is her Daddy and he believes she can do no wrong..


  3. Lorna, I see you have a wonderful spring collection.  I love all the pics and the new look of the site.  It\’s quite apopropos of the season.  I\’ve missed reading your uplifting posts, and I noticed you had left a comment recently.  I\’ve been relatively absent as of late, making only brief online appearances.  I\’ve been doing a lot of walking and trying to visit friends and family more often these days, and generally enjoying the weather and the season.
    I hope all is going well for you.  I have missed coming here for my daily dose.  May this note find you in good health and great spirits.
    Most sincere regards and best wishes…


  4. @Simon
    It certainly sounds like you\’re making good use of your time away. I\’m glad that you\’re getting out and about.
    Go get some sleep and good for the Reaner, we need all the brave hearts we can get.
    This is my garden but quite frankly most of it has been here for around a hundred years and I\’ve only lived here since a year last September. I can\’t take much credit. I must say though that you would not believe the level of weeding that\’s required…it makes my back ache just to think about it. Someone  suggested mulching last year which I tried but it just doesn\’t work in these old gardens. I have a lot of heritage bulbs and plants that no one recognizes so I try to be conservative with what I pull out of the ground.
    So… what\’s going on in your garden then?


  5. i love the way the flowers in the top photo look like they are watching
    a theater event. (but the one is laughing inappropriately.)


  6. @Patresa
    That one does seem a little free and easy. I\’m put in mind of that entry you wrote about watching your mother (I think it was ) perform. hmmm? lol
    Thanks. How did your surgery go? =/
    😉 It\’s spring…everything is looking a bit dangerous around here=P


  7. @Cheryl, Jules and Kathryn
    …you are all quite kind as always =). Jules I hope all is okay in your self imposed exile. I look forward to your return. Kathryn I\’m glad to see you back and I hope that your mountain is a littler happier today than in the recent past. Lastly Cheryl, I hope you aren\’t working too hard (in your retirement ;P).


  8. Very beautiful… soothing and refreshing too.  I\’ve always loved the movie/book "The Secret Garden"… have dreamed of having one of my own actually.  I bet that, in real life, it\’s as healing a place as it is in the book.  Don\’t you think so?


  9. @Edie
    I do think that a garden is a wonderfully healing place if you let it be. Sometimes when things are a little bumpy (life is like that) I stand in the middle of my garden and just breathe it in. I can\’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of wonder as I look out over the beds and see what a beautiful place I managed to land in. I also love The Secret Garden…I\’m pretty sure that most little girls (and the women they eventually see when they look in the mirror) all do as well.


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