A Change in The Weather

The rain has come and washed away the pack of rabid dog days. The feverish hounds, all sweat and sweltering foam, tucked tail between their legs and ran panicked, harried by the lake wind and the heat lightning clouds. Hunkered down in the place the cur goes to hide they’ll bide their time till August calls her canis hours. Morning breaks with the cool kiss of an early June dawn and spring finds its step once again.

*This post was originally hosted on another blogging platform (MSN Space to MSN Live and finally WordPress). When the content was transferred the media files were lost. I’ve chosen to add new photos rather than delete the posts. I try to match any updated content to previously posted comments. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so the comments can seem to be out of context but I don’t want to delete any of them as they are a part of my blogging history.

11 thoughts on “A Change in The Weather

  1. L, these are beautiful pictures.  You really have a great eye for a stunning shot.  Your write-ups and pics make me long for a place in the country.
    Thanks for stopping by.  I\’ve updated my last post with a writeup and some instructions for how to retrieve the posted reward (the javascript-driven animation).  Enjoy!
    Your friend… S


  2. I did my BFA at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook Newfoundland…was an excellent course to do…My medium is painting, I love the feel of a brush in my hand…Are all the pictures you have taken from your own land? What a beautiful area to live! Talk soon!
    Take Care,


  3. I always wonder why I take pictures, when I should just enjoy yours instead (oh, wait, the cats would feel neglected) 😉


  4. @Toad
    A toad throwing thorns, sounds like the beginning of a most excellent limerick to me 😉
    No more kitty pictures???? Perish the thought! You can\’t stop taking pictures period! I don\’t take pictures of OCD closets and fridges and I don\’t chronicle battery powered marital aids or tattoos so rest assured you fill a necessary niche in the photographic genre lol
    Thanks =)
    I feel for you! The rain broke the swelter here but it\’s a brief respite with the long dog days looming. Stay cool!
    I was checking out your photos and I like your little bears! I hadn\’t heard of Grenfield before. NSCAD (or NASCAD as it is more frequently referred to around here) enjoys such a stellar reputation that you don\’t often hear about many other degree level art schools. I know that you are studying to be a MT but have you considered teachers\’ college? Teaching might be a good way to reawaken your artistic activities.
    The pictures are from the garden beds on my acre but most of them have been here for decades so I can\’t take much credit for what\’s happening out there. The weeding is just staggering though. I try not to get overwhelmed after all a weed is just a plant that no one has found a use for yet, right?
    Thanks for returning my visit.
    Thanks Simon. Oh and I\’ll stop by to see what\’s in the offing in your updated entry.



  5. Ahhh…Iris, Daiseys and a wee Robin………*sigh*
    You really need to publish your writings girl! I mean PUBLISH!!!!


  6. ahhh i see robins have invaded your blog too 😉
    cute little fellas arent they?  its something to watch them learning to fly.. and how they just never give up until they get it right.  interesting how relentless they seem, why we humans give up so easily i dont quite understand..
    thanks for your comment.  sorry you nailed a bird with your car (been there, felt like crap for the longest time, almost went back for it!)
    reading on.. and loving it!


  7. @Jules
    Ughhh! I always feel so bad when I hit something but I must say these birds almost seeem like they are playing chicken, seeing how close they can get to the car. I think it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. =(


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