Summer Song



*This post was originally hosted on another blogging platform (MSN Space to MSN Live and finally WordPress). When the content was transferred the media files were lost. I’ve chosen to add new photos rather than delete the posts. I try to match any updated content to previously posted comments. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so the comments can seem to be out of context but I don’t want to delete any of them as they are a part of my blogging history.

7 thoughts on “Summer Song

    Purty. Purty, purty, purty.
    Except that the picture of the deer reminded me that there is a tiny dead fawn on the side of the road about a mile from our home. So little his spots are still a vivid white against his tan coat.
    It made us sad yesterday when we saw it.  My two youngest sons were with me, and I said (as I always do): "Deer dead." Then we noticed how young it was, and all gasped at the same time, and gave an "awwwwwwww," in unison.
    Poor baby.


  2. @Sad Kay
    We were seeing quite a bit of that about a month or so ago. I couldn\’t go anywhere without seeing at least one deer sprawled out at the side of the road. My hubby hit one last year and felt quite bad about it. It was the second time he\’d hit one. They just come out of nowhere. Last summer I was walking down the side of the road in the middle of the day and a large buck danced across the fields kicking up his heels and ran across right in front of me. The dog just about lost her mind. I was glad she was on her leash. It is sad to see them lying there. I actually took that picture from inside the car. I think she was so startled to see us that she didn\’t even think to move for a minute or two.


  3. What is that first one? Wheat?  It looks so…light and carefree (can I say that about a plant?).
    Lately, it\’s been turtles in the road around here, and they\’re pretty easy to avoid since they don\’t bolt when you get close. 😉


  4. @Indie
    It is wheat or was rather. They harvested last week and now the fields are stubble bare. The dog is having a blast chasing mice through the remnants. She looks pretty funny pouncing on things we can\’t see.
     I don\’t know why the deer didn\’t bolt. We took the picture from the car… actually I took it while I was sitting in the passenger seat. It was in an area that has a no hunting policy so perhaps she knew she had nothing to fear.


  5. Hi Runnin,
    I love your photos and your love for nature and animals stands out so beautifuly. Thank you for visiting my space and your kind comments are greatly appreciated.


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