14 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrrr

  1. @Lee
    That\’s my dryer vent INSIDE the house. The sump pump drainage hose finally thawed two days ago but it\’s frozen again this morning. I\’m supposed to head into town to shoot some photos for a Vancouver (where they think I\’m talking about rain when I mention the bad weather) web site this week but with the 90kph gusts yesterday and the -30 degree wind chill warning today I\’m starting to think I might not make my deadline. It\’s been drama-rama down here anyway so the weather seems particularly appropriate. How are things in the "Royale"?


  2. @Cheryl
    Lol…I could certainly use a little of that southern warmth right now. We actually finally have some temperatures above freezing but now it\’s raining and the yard is a soupy mix of snow, mud and puddles!


  3. I remember having that exact situation when I was a kid living in the Catskill Mtns… have to say we thought it was quite the adventure… it was so "cool" to us kids (tee hee… pun intended), although I\’m sure my step dad wasn\’t so thrilled… he was under the house with a blow dryer defrosting the water lines and wrapping them in old towels and rags.  I really miss the ice and snow.  Sigh.


  4. @Edie
    You are more than welcome to all my ice and snow. I\’m ready for it to go. I wouldn\’t mind shutting the furnace off either …last month\’s gas bill was a killer! We have basements here in Canada or we\’d be under the house everyday during winter thawing out our pipes!


  5. @Collen
    Good Lord woman! How many sites do you have???? lol
    As for a small boy sticking his tongue to the dryer exhaust…he\’d have to actually approach the laundry area in my basement and Lord knows the only one who does that is me.


  6. @ Toad
    Hibernating? Is that what you call that? I\’m around myself (not actually literally around myself ~here\’s where you imagine a woman making a circling motion with her pointing finger~ just here and there) but in a state of flux. It\’s been a cold season within a cold season and I\’m looking for the sun. How\’s life treating the Toadster?


  7. Life is good ! Babies are well and running the planet . I haven\’t wrote in awhile and uhh don\’t really miss it . I have nos steam for such things these days and now it is getting warmer out . I promised myself I would stay outdoors as long as I could this year ! Be good, take care and write soon . Ps sorry about the misremembering your name . That is a really sweet way of calling me moron . ooops!


  8. @Ann
    That\’s very nice of you to say Ann. I am still alive but I don\’t know about the kicking part. ;P
    Look who wandered in! I guess I\’ll stop by and see how things are on the other side of the pond. =)


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