Les Enfants Terribles

Trouble has a new name, two if you’d like to be exact…


The pet cemetery at the back of our yard has been growing at a slow but steady rate. Since the acquisition of our new home three years ago we have interred one hedgehog, one zebra finch and two cats. In an effort to slow the trend our household population has been expanded by a very young twosome. The Prodigal Son has named our adoptees “Captain Awesome” (the utterance of Captain Awesome must be undertaken only with the accompaniment of a hand gesture stabbing the air vigorously in front of the orator) and “The Black Avenger”. The Black Avenger was demoted to “The Dark Avenger” after peeing on the Prodigal’s leg. For simplicity’s sake other members of the household have chosen to refer to said adoptees as “Charlie and Jack”. Our husky-shepherd-cross, Jack Kerouac or Kera as she is more commonly known is understandably disconcerted. As anyone can see, these two will be an ongoing concern.

Captain “Charlie” Awesome,  “Jack” the Dark Avenger, and “Kera” Kerouac


7 thoughts on “Les Enfants Terribles

  1. awww sweet kitties! *smiling* when we were kids, my bros and I had so many pets……ah…..mmmeemmorrroiesss…
    thanks for stopping by — I thought of you yesterday while in the grocery *laugh* — lorna doone cookies!  and then you show up onmy blog *grin*!!!


  2. I\’ve come from Jock\’s blog, to adore, ooooh and ahhhhh at your new babies.
    They are darling, and can I have Jack?
    I have to laugh, poor Kera, but, at least they seem to like her. My cats hate the dog, but that might be because they were here before the dog. I have one cat who will actually run and attack him if he dares to enter the same room she\’s in.
    He\’s the size of a German Shephard, so, I wonder if she\’s touched in the head. lol
    Thanks for posting the pictures. BIG HUGS, Steph


  3. The two new additions are just adorable!  Oh how I wish my B wasn\’t so anti-house full of animals!  We currently have one cat… mostly outdoors and quite the scrapper, my 10 year old Chihuahua (he couldn\’t do anything about her… I had her long before he came into my life), and our almost 5 month old and growing so fast it\’s scary puppy, who will eventually be "mostly an outdoor dog".  I\’d have fish, and a ferrett, and bunnies, a couple more cats… well, I\’d hardly know where to stop.  The problem with this is that both B and I have such unpredictable work schedules that I fear other pets would suffer from lack of sufficient attention… I can\’t bring them ALL with me to work!


  4. @Edie
    My goodness it does sound like your house is a bit full already! I must say that the kitties do get cuter and cuter every day. I don\’t want to lead you astray but perhaps B couldn\’t help but fall in love if you made a present of a little fur ball or two?


  5. @Kathryn
    That\’s funny you were thinking of me when I was thinking of you…life is strange. Your comment has made me hungry. I think I need to have a cookie! =)
    I\’m afraid you can\’t have Jack.. he\’s firmly entrenched in my heart as is Charlie. Poor Charlie fell in the pond last week and I actually cried as I dried him off- I\’m obviously done for. The kitties do love Kera but she\’s still making up her mind. They wait until she\’s sleeping and then snuggle up beside her. Her face is quite a picture when she wakes up and sees them there!
    I\’m glad things are well. I am enjoying the sun for the most part…it\’s the weeding I can do without but you have to take the good with the bad I guess.


  6. Hi! Glad to hear your little ones are growing and doing great.
    Funny how they make their way into our hearts… yep, you\’re done for! lol
    I have 11 cats. The last one that my son brought to me was a little black female (who looked very much like your Jack)
    Before I could get her fixed, I noticed she was pregnant. The plan was to let her have her kittens and then find good homes for them… that WAS the plan, until I fell in love with "my" 4 babies. lol
    They are 2 years old now, everyone is finally fixed, so I won\’t have any more kittens, but, in my heart they will always be, and still are, my babies.
    It\’s nice to know that your 2 babies have found someone to love them.
    I look forward to more pictures as they grow. BIG HUGS, Steph


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