8 thoughts on “Purr-fect

    Dear God, those kittens are cute. Is the stripey one a bully to the black one? Or a protector? Or just got lucky and got the top bunk?
    A few days ago, I hauled #3 Son into town for his quarterly visit to the pet store. (I just wait in the car, because I can\’t bear to watch him looking at all the animals, and figuring out the best way to "save" them all.)
    Anyway, he came out of the store, looking semi-sad, and said, "Mom? They had kitties in there. Kitties! And all the sign said was \’Kittens.\’ Just that one word. Isn\’t that sweet? And sad? And they each had a little ribbon around their neck."
    Then he stopped talking and just looked away. I\’d buy him one, but I\’m afraid I wouldn\’t be able to stop…
    They\’re kitties!
    And I\’m a soft-hearted pomegranate.


  2. Hey, loving the way you\’ve named your cat \’Captai Awesome\’ hehe. Ive been sucked into the world of Myspace sadly so the other space has taken the hit. if you want the addy Ill gladly give it to you. Im very good ta, all\’s well in the UK. What "interesting times" are you involved in? Much love, Craig xx


  3. @Soft Hearted Pomegranate
    Awwwwww! Let him have a kittie. You can\’t help but love them. Every night when I go to bed the kittens begin what we call the Jack and Charlie Show which consists of the two of them tearing around the house knocking things over, climbing the drapes and generally causing mayhem. Charlie even climbed up on the bed just to pee on me and I couldn\’t stay mad at him (it\’s SO SAD I know;P).
    They\’ve got me wrapped around their little paws. Get one and you\’ll see.
    So you\’re off to My Space? How long before you wander over to Facebook?Sighhh…send me your addy so I can continue to follow that merry go round ride that is your life. Lol You can email me at kerabootoo@hotmail.com
    I have tons of room but I don\’t think the dog will approve. These two have put her on the edge of a nervous breakdown already and it\’s not like she doesn\’t shed like crazy as it is! I hope you\’re a little steadier on your feet. I\’m thinking of you.
    Take care,


  4. Hey ! Thought I\’d stop by and say hello. I just might be making a comeback after going MIA…I miss you all alot.Take care, Melissa xxx


  5. @Melissa
    There\’s a blast from the past ;P! I myself have been much absent of late but I\’m thinking of returning as well. Good intentions haven\’t gotten me there yet…oh well we\’ll see.
    I\’ll email you.


  6. What an adorable picture of two sweet fuzzies!  Seriously, don\’t you find that those who can love and care for tiny defenceless fuzzy things are somehow more human?  Seems that way to me… now that B has adopted the puppy (Elvis) and they are eachother\’s "best buddies", he\’s definitely more sensitive and down to earth… more understanding and compassionate… I don\’t think one has a choice once you\’re dealing with something that just loves you unconditionally no matter what you do or don\’t do… being loved like that changes your perspective, don\’t ya think?


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