*This post was originally hosted on another blogging platform (MSN Spaces to MSN Live and finally to WordPress). The media files did not update. Rather than deleting the original post I opted to add new pictures.

6 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Won\’t be long and the critters of summer will all be gone. Already I
    have noticed the nightly million cricket serenade is not as loud as it
    was a week ago. Such is the cycle of seasons 🙂 
    Be well!


  2. @Indie
    Hey Indie long time no see ;P. That is the colour of the sky ….sometimes. It\’s a fall sky over the lake so it has this incredible simultaneous depth and lightness. I have a Canon EOS Rebel XTi which is a lovely camera and a definite upgrade from my old Powershot A70 (which I still miss sometimes). I\’ve had it since spring and it\’s already looking a bit battered and in serious need of an interior cleaning. I have a tendency to look up to the surrounding landscape and not where my feet are going which has resulting in several spills and bruises for both the camera and myself but no permanent damage, so far. For these pictures I used a 58 mm UV haze filter but it doesn\’t change the colour only cut down on the glare. All these photos were shot using a Canon 75-300mm zoom lens. It\’s a sort of mid range zoom but the light still has to be quite strong at the greatest distance to get something usable. It\’s migration season right now so the skies are full of all sorts of interesting things. Hopefully I won\’t tumble off a cliff while my eyes are directed skywards but there\’s no guarantee, ;P.
    I hope all is well with you.
    Take care
    I know what you mean about the crickets though I don\’t mind those at all. We\’ve had very unseasonably warm days this October so we\’re still experiencing a sizable chorus which is a lovely reminder of summer. One summer melody I am glad to see go though is the raw screech of the August cicadas. That\’s one summer melody I can definitely do without.


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