I’ve been painting on things I have sitting around the house. This owl was painted in acrylic on stained board. I wanted to paint on the board without losing the nature of the surface. The board has some good sized knots so I incorporated them into the image and left the wood grain in the background. The owl and tree came from two different photographs. I took the owl photo at a taxidermy exhibit I attended years ago. Light sources can be an issue when combining imagery from different photos. That wasn’t so much a concern here as I was more interested in the surface, the marks that could be made with the paint, and working with a limited paint palette.

Crow Study

This blog post was originally shared on my old studio blog on August 19, 2019.

This crow study was completed in my small (5 1/2 by 8 in) sketchbook. Rather than using a pigment (ink) pen this image was rendered with a brush, Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylic Ink, and acrylic paint. Using a brush with the acrylic ink allows for the opportunity to make a variety of marks without changing tools. The super black ink is highly opaque when undiluted but I also used it as a wash here to create different tones. I opted to work from dark to light and layered acrylic paint on top of the ink to flesh out the image.