Pandora’s box is a black silhouette of trees that border the horizon. Flung wide open a fine spray escapes to stain the sky burnt topaz and rose. Tourmaline watercolour blossoms bleed up grenadine smears that flow into amber smoke and the open indigo beyond. Rose coloured lenses filter the atmosphere and paint the world in shades of strawberry blond. The carmine flood sings a requiem for the day in languid notes of gold and pomegranate tears. Twilight boats cast nets of shadow to gather the radiance, dragging it up to the char blackened lips of night so that she can devour the cherry flavoured light.

9 thoughts on “Eidolon

  1. Jeez, they messed around some last night, didn\’t they! Damn MSN! Thanks for dropping in again! I haven\’t been around much as of late due to a minor cranial conflict! Take care, and I\’ll be back again!


  2. This was the 2nd of the 15 new backgrounds I tried before going back to the original one – love it, but the comments lag on m y laptop, grrr).
    Beautiful.  Did you happen to notice you used mind AND rose\’s name in this entry? 🙂


    Just to keep up with Indigo and Rose, I\’m going to start referring to myself as "Pomegranate." (I thought about "Amber" or "Carmine," but they aren\’t…um…unique enough.)
    So — Pomegranate it is!!
    (Take that, Indie!)


  4. @Kay or Pomegranate the Pirate
    lol Call yourself whatever you like as long as it\’s not "collect" or late for dinner…"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…"
    Thanks Simon…they say a change is as good as a rest so I\’m giving it a try. =)
    I did notice that afterwards…(groan-bad pun alert)Perhaps you\’re both "colourful" personalities.
    There are a lot of free e-book collectives available on the net but I find Project Gutenburg to be one of the best in regards to variety.
    Well I hope your noggin\’s on the mend. =)
    I can\’t deny I\’m a sucker for a "new outfit". ;}


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