The Wave

     The weight of the night pushes down like a giant hand compressing the air until it bleeds moisture, soaking the grass and sinking into the flattened earth. There is no wind and the emptiness that surrounds me is so saturated that I could be moving through warm bathwater, gelid and thick. It swirls around my legs and sinks back with barely a ripple to mark my passage. The air tastes of copper and in the distance the sky blazes a violent flicker. Eerie and silent, there is no roll of thunder. The storm is still too far away. It’s coming though and I wait, watching the distant horizon split open. There are glimpses of a false burning day before rapidly winding threads of dark rush in to re-knit the tears. The wheat undulates a silken whisper. An echo of thunder rolls into a roar and the sudden wind is like a wild dog let loose to savage the fields. The wheat cowers. The limbs of the trees thrash in confusion and the leaves hiss out their bruising. Like the surge of a great wave the storm crests the yard. The current pushes against the damp heat and then with a great heave washes it away. All that remains is the wind and finally the rain. In the dark it does not seem to fall from the sky but rise up from the earth seeping through the concrete of the patio in silver dollar sized drops of dark grey blood.

18 thoughts on “The Wave

    Wow. And all *I* do is bitch about the heat and humidity. Maybe if I used my powers for good…
    Lovely. As usual.


  2. @Kathryn
    The rain at night always seems so emotional. Think of the sound of rain hitting the roof as you\’re lying in bed…there\’s nothing else like it. 🙂
    If it had stuck around I would have tried to wish it your way but it headed off as quickly as it came. It did rain tonight bringing an early sunset but there was no wind and the humidity only grew. I just took the dog out for her "constitutional" and the air is so full of moisture that it is dripping off the pines at the back of the yard and the fields are full of fog again.
    @Saintly Kay
    How can you say you don\’t use your powers for good? Even the big guy had his moments…the world\’s a better place for having ya\’ you gold hearted pirate and the only people who don\’t bitch about the heat and humidity are the people who live and work in air conditioning!


  3. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments to me! You really made me smile… so much so that I had to call my mom and read them to her. 🙂

    I wonder, do you think in such beautifully descriptive ways in your mind, or is it an effort to express it in words? Everything you write seems to flow so effortlessly… there\’s IS a rhythm to it, as if you\’ve taken your cue from nature, as you wrote about in a previous blog.


  4. No, I am not lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Wonderful writing as always, by the way. After I read it I felt I needed a towel. Hope all is well and you take care.

    Your Capt
    President of the Lost Bloggers Society


  5. I came hoping there would be another one of your wonderful blogs to read…and then I re-read this one… and it awed me again. 


  6. I have been doing stuff outside where I live to be and have completely forgotten we have a computer . I think this must have happened to you also . It is a great summer ! Enjoy and we will talk soon .


    Hey, for real! Are you OK?
    I hope that you\’re actually just busy having a fun and adventurous life, instead of dealing with a calamity. I\’m thinking good thoughts…


  8. @Indie
    We live in tornado alley up here and the weather is always "interesting" to say the least. I\’ve had to rescue my trellis in the garden twice in the last week as it\’s been uprooted by fierce winds. My cat at 17 has finally learned to come when I call or find himself at the mercy of some pretty nasty weather. He\’s been spendiing quite a bit of time lying on the floor sleeping in front of the window air conditioner. The heat and humidity takes alot out of him and occassionally I have to check to see if he\’s still breathing.
    Sometimes in rains inside here as well, it\’s nice to know you\’re thinking of me.
    Why wouldn\’t I say nice things to you and about you? I do belive that you are a good person who is not only talented and loving but also deserving of all the best in life. I hope you believe it too…sometimes that is the hardest part, for all of us.
    @The AWOL Capt
    Ahhh there is life out there…I wasn\’t sure anymore. I hope the job and the kids are treating you well. Don\’t be a stranger.
    That is one way of looking at it. Life is…well it\’s life, isn\’t it? I have been busy in a way. I can\’t seem to get my feet clean so that should be a small indication of where I\’ve been and what I\’m doing. 😉
    Things are interesting…it\’s just a matter of looking, really looking at them and not dismissing the miracles as just being everyday minutiae. How\’s the job going?
    @Pomegranate the Pirate
    I have an email address for you that I picked up somewhere…look for something from the email name Kerabootoo. Hopefully the address is still current and it\’ll get there.


  9. Gosh woman, its been ages since I stopped in – I closed my blog months back now. I see I have a lot of wonderful reading to catch up on – I shall dedicate my morning coffee time to your posts for the next week or so. I\’m looking forward to it!


  10. I KNOW you gotta be sick of people (like me) Telling you how wonderful your entries are…..Ahh…what the hell: You write such wonderful entries! <wink>


  11. @Sher
    Hey! There\’s a blast from the past. Are you state\’s side again or are you over the pond?
    I thought you\’d wandered off to blog spot. It\’s nice to see you back around. I myself have been overtly absent from pretty much anywhere.


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